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24hours Alarm Receiving Center

24hours Alarm Receiving Center

Alarm and Video Receiving Center


The Alarm Receiving Center of Personal Security is working uninterruptedly 24 hours a day, by receiving signals from alarm systems installed by professional installers in residences and business premises throughout Greece.

The Alarm Receiving Center of Personal Security is equipped with a multiple receiver network, servers and computers which operate with a special software to allow the experienced and specially trained personnel to deal with the received signals quickly, accurately and with accountability.

The telephone lines used to transmit the signals of the subscribers’ alarm systems are optical – digital and concise, while in case of IP/GPRS connection the VDSL network is used directly via the company’s DSLAM. Thus, losses or communication problems are minimized and the signal transmission time between the alarm system and the Alarm Receiving Center is close to zero.

In summary, the Alarm Receiving Center has the capability to provide:

  • Housebreaking signal and specifically from which place (zone) of the protected space it was originated.
  • End of alarm signal.
  • Arming and disarming of the alarm system with user identification.
  • Signal in case of stopping the alarm due to threat.
  • Personal threat signal.
  • Medical assistance signal.
  • Fire alarm signal.
  • Check the proper operation of the telephone line (ΤΕST).
  • Restore or recovery signal following a telephone line problem issue.
  • Alarm signal in case of trying to get the keypad code number.
  • Signal for bypassing zones during the alarm arming.
  • Excess of siren’s use or its disconnection.
  • Problem or short circuit of the cables at a specific zone.
  • Limit excess of auxiliary output consumption (τροφοδοσία ραντάρ)
  • Problem or power failure (220V) and reset.
  • System battery status check every 24 hours. Weak battery or disconnected, reconnected or reset.
  • Loss of actual time of the central unit and reprogramming it.
  • Provide the customer with statements of the signals received by the station from the alarm system.
  • Notify the subscriber in case of arming failure of the system after working hours.
  • Notification in case of disarming the alarm beyond working hours.

Depending on the signal shape, the operators instantly take the necessary action, as, for example, in case of housebreaking:

  • Notify the police (100)
  • Notify the subscriber and the persons designated by him as appropriate.