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Our services

Our services

High quality security services

Personal Security provides a range of state-of-the-art security services which cover most of everyday life. The Alarm Receiving Center operates 24 hours a day, throughout the year, in order to ensure an immediate response to whatever arises.

Our station handles and acts promptly on the following priority signals:

Housebreaking signal

As soon as the signal is broadcasted, either the police department is notified by telephone through the police emergency telephone number (100) or the local police station for the regions outside Athens. Also, the subscriber is contacted as well as the help telephones that he has already notified us in writing. The signal allows us to determine which area has been violated.

Fire signal

If a fire detector has been installed, the fire department is informed at once by telephone as well as the subscriber who is also notified on the exact position of the fire.

Personal threat signal

In the case where a personal threat signal is transmitted (initialized by pressing a special button), the alarm located in the area remains silent, while the police (100) or the local police station, for the regions outside Athens, is notified.

Medical emergency signal

In the case where the medical emergency signal is transmitted (initialized by pressing a special button), all the telephone numbers given to us in writing will be immediately alerted.