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High-tech alarm signal receivers

The Alarm Receiving Center of Personal Security support all the communication protocols (Ademco Contact ID, SIA, FBI, etc.). The center has the compatibility to capture pictures from all the DVR’s used in the Greek market, while there is the possibility of simultaneous recording and storing an event on the company’s servers. Telephone receivers as well as IP / GPRS are used for signal reception.

In the company’s computer room 12 telephone receivers are hosted, while for downloading and editing of   IP/GPRS signals the equipment includes Paradox, Satel, Global M2MTrikdis, ArtionSigma, Caddx, DSC, Jablotron και AMC with fail-over capability by using dual systems, according to the Hub operating philosophy, at servers – workstations and the network equipment (switches – routers – firewalls) level.

The operation of the dual – path system receivers is also very important. This system is used exclusively to serve bank organizations.