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Optical DSLAM

Speed and Reliability

Personal Security holds a strategic geographical position regarding the distance from its premises to the headquarters of OTE at Maroussi. In 2015 and within 12 months the company has installed a proprietary dual path fiber optic cable that directly connects its premises with the digital – optical telephone exchange at OTE headquarters. Specifically, the necessary digging works have been made to install the proprietary optical DSLAM in the company’s computer room which is on-line connected 24hours a day with OTE digital service. The project has been conducted under the stringent specifications provided by OTE and was certified by the telecom organization using for the measurements the latest generation of OTDR Power Meters.  As a result, Personal Security can serve more than 30.000 subscribers using the most modern communication platform that a modern ARC may have. A platform that can handle up to 1.000 telephone lines and up to 240 VDSL connections.